My dream

Anyway, I was going to major in Journalism.  Even though I had four other classes Journalism was the only class I attended.  Oh, I did go to my tennis class every now and then…on pretty days.  To this day, I still have dreams that I am late for Algebra class; English class and Government class.  I try my best to get to class, but I can’t remember where the classroom is.  How could I remember; I never went.  In my dream, I walk around all day all over campus trying to find just one of the classrooms.  I can’t even ask someone in my class because I don’t know who they are either.  I hate these dreams.  I am worn out when I wake up.  Gees, I am fifty years old: why am I dreaming about college?  One of these days I’m going to read a book on how to interpret dreams.  I have some really weird ones.


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