Nope…today is July 26th

I must say, I have had a pretty good day.  Even though I have quit my job as an accountant, I have stayed very busy.  Actually, I think I am in much better shape physically and mentally now then I was a month ago.  It might be because I am getting a break from all the numbers!!  Gees, those numbers will drive you crazy sometimes.

Anyway,  it’s a good thing I was not bored today because when I get bored, I seem to either get into trouble or do something so stupid nobody would ever believe it.  But, sorry to say, I do have witnesses to many of my stupid stunts.  Yep, when I get bored, no telling what I am going to do.  And this is not something that just happened over night.  I have been this way all my life.  Some things I remember, some things I can’t recall and some things I would just rather forget.  Anyway, I was thinking about not being bored today and found myself bored.  Then I recalled a day back in my childhood.

Yes back in my childhood, I had the imagination of an artist and the patience of a teacher.  I was as smart as I was talented.  And I hated the time when report cards came out.  My mom would always fuss at my brother and sister and, of course, it was entirely my fault because I made straight A-s.   My mom would brag on me and ask my brother and sister why they couldn’t make better grades.  Once my sister had heard enough and she told my mom, “She may have book sense, but she doesn’t have any common sense”.  My mom laughed about that for years.  Sometimes I think my sister was right.

My sister was nine years older than me.  She used to baby-sit me when my mom worked second shift.  Monday nights were the best.  She always had her boy friend over and she would fix hamburgers and brownies and we would watch Laugh-In.  Her boyfriend was attending a college 35 miles from our house so he only visited during the weekends and on Monday nights.  I loved those Monday nights and I prayed that her and her boyfriend would never break up.

I remember one night when it was just me and my sister at home.  I was sitting on the couch kind of bored.  I must have been really bored because I was playing with the fingernail clippers.  I was pretending they were a snapping turtle.  (I told you I had a good imagination.)  I would snap them to the left; I would snap them to the right.  Snap to the left, snap to the right, high in the air and low below.  To the left, to the right, high in the air then low below.  Left, right, high, low.  Left, right, high, low.  This went on for quite sometime.  Long enough to get on my sister’s nerves and tell me to quit.  Now, I don’t know what possessed me, and I will never forget what happened next.  I stuck out my tongue and snapped the very tip of my tongue right off.  I looked at my sister and with my tongue sticking out and said, “Is my tongue bleeding?”  She just looked at me as if I was the biggest idiot in the world.  At that moment, I was.  My tongue bled forever and I couldn’t talk right and could just barely eat for two weeks.  I tried to get my sister to put a band-aid on it to keep it from bleeding, but she just looked at me and shook her head and kept telling me how stupid I was.  Then she called mom at work an told her what was going on.  I’ll never know what Mom said on the phone, but when she got off work she wanted to see my tongue.  My mom and sister just sat there staring at me shaking their heads with that “this is unbelievable” look on their faces.  Mom finally asked me what happened and I tried to explain, but it’s hard to talk without the tip of your tongue. I managed to explain that I was trying to see if my tongue could beat the snapping turtle.  I had done it successfully several times, but that one time the turtle was faster than my tongue.  Have you ever clipped the tip of your tongue off?  Well, believe me, it hurts.  I swear even to this day I am careful with fingernail clippers and I never, ever get them close to my tongue!  That day I realized that I wasn’t nearly as smart as I thought I was.  And, maybe my sister was right about the common sense thing.

So, how was your day?


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