Get her Sarah!!

My dad passed away in March and I miss him so much.  We all had so many good times with him and I could talk to him for hours upon hours.  He and I would drink beer and talk about everything, and believe me, he loved to talk.  He was truly an exceptional man.  He had six sisters and one brother and all are gone now except his brother and one sister who lives in Phoenix.  They would get together every Saturday night and play a card game called high nine.  I have never heard of anyone other than our family knowing about this card game.  They would gather at Dad’s house or my Aunt Sarah’s house and eat cheese and crackers and peanuts, drink beer and play cards till well after midnight.  Five of the sisters always did everything together; shopping, bowling and Dad tagged along when they went to play bingo.  They were very close and remained that way forever.  I bet they are all sitting in heaven playing either high nine or bingo right now.  And Dad is probably talking God’s head off.

Anyway, one Sunday I invited my dad and all of my aunts to my house for a little pool party.  My sister and a few cousins and a couple of my friends were there too.  I had two aunts that couldn’t swim so they were afraid to get into the pool, but after awhile they were convinced that the water was not over their head and if they stayed around the edge of the pool they would be fine.  So us younger people were playing pool volley ball and we kept trying to get my aunts to join us.  Three of them joined us and they talked the other two into playing too.  Now Aunt Sarah always had her hair done on Friday so she was worried about getting her hair wet and she kept fooling with it to make sure it wasn’t getting wet.  Dot, my other aunt that couldn’t swim, stayed close to the edge of the pool holding on to the side with one hand.  Needless to say, they were terrible at volley ball.  But, it was just a game and we were all having fun, so it didn’t matter.

After a few minutes of letting the aunts practice hitting the volley ball we split up into two teams so we could play a game and keep score.  There were six of us on each team and the other people watched and waited for their turn to play. On my team were my aunts Joanne and Mary, and three other people.  On the opposing side were my aunts Sarah and Dot and four other people.

Everything was going good until we had to rotate positions.  My aunts didn’t understand why we had to rotate and they like it were they were.  So we went along with them and let them stay where they were and all of us others rotated around them.  Dot continued to hold on to the side of the pool so every time the volleyball would go in her direction, she would try to hit it back with one hand.  She kept losing points for her team and her son finally told her to let go of the pool and hit with two hands.  She took his advice and did much better.  That is until something happened.  Now, I don’t know how it happened because I didn’t see it and we were having a good volley, so nobody saw it.  But after the point was scored, I looked on the opposition’s side and I will be damn if Dot wasn’t floating face down in the water .  I heard Joanne yell, “Sarah get her!  Sarah!  Get her she’s drowning!!”  I looked at Aunt Sarah and she was fooling with her hair and looking off in the distant, then someone else yelled at her.  Finally, Aunt Sarah heard them and grabbed Dot by the head of her hair and stood her up.   Dot came up spitting water out and almost crying and hollering at her son, “Jimmy, you were “post” to watch me!”   All he said was, “Momma I was way over here and all you had to do was stand up.”

I hate to say it, but none of us could keep from laughing.  Every time we looked at her or thought about it we would all start laughing.  Dot got out of the pool right after that happened and never got back in.  That is…until she bought herself some floaties for her arms.  And that’s another story in itself, but I will say they don’t make adult floaties and the damn things were so tight around her arms they left terrible bruises on both of them.  I would give anything if I had gotten a picture of her with those floaties on, but the only picture I have is my memory.


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