The Mighty Casey

LP is my best friend and we do everything together.  We go camping, go fishing, go hiking, go kayaking, go to amusement parks, go to the theater, play tennis, play rock band and you name it, and we do it.   One Saturday morning I was bored, so I was trying to find something fun to do.  I was looking through the Kentucky Living magazine to see what type of activities were going on in our area.  I ran across this article on geocaching.  The headline said geocaching was a new sport that was quickly growing in popularity.  I read the article and I discovered that geocaching was like a treasure hunt.  People all over the world hide little containers and use a gps to get the coordinates of the location of the hiding spot, and then they post the coordinates on the internet.  Other people go to the website and use these coordinates and a gps to find these containers, or caches.  It sounded very interesting, so I couldn’t wait to tell LP about it.

After LP read the article, we both agreed that geocaching was something we wanted to try.  LP bought a gps and the following weekend, we went caching.  It took us a few minutes to find our first cache.  The gps would point in one direction and we would head that way, then it would point in the opposite direction.   This went on for a few minutes, then we finally found the small container.  This container, or cache, was a small 35mm film canister and was stuck in tree trunk.  Inside the container was a small piece of paper, which is called a log, and a tiny pencil.  We dated and signed the log and after that, we were hooked.  We went caching every chance we got.  We would spend every free minute we had looking for these caches.

Now, you must understand, these caches are not hidden right out in the open.  Some of them are very hard to find, and some you have to go through weeds and woods to find them.  We once had to climb a tree to get to the cache.   But, to me, these were the most fun ones to find.  And even though we would get ticks and chiggers on us, and eaten up by mosquitoes every time we went, we continued to go.  Once we both had so many stick-tights on our clothes and even in our hair it took us damn near an hour to get them off.  I even got bit by a spider and it made me sick, but we still continued to go.   About four months after we had been geocaching, we had located every single cache within a 45 mile radius.  We soon found ourselves driving further and further to find new ones.

One day, we were in a large park in Tennessee and we ran across a big snake.  At least I think it was a snake.  LP saw it and said, “Don’t move; stay back, there’s a snake!”  I thought to myself, “don’t move there’s a…..SNAKE?” Without saying a word, I took a big leap and I bet I jumped seven feet over those weed, and I never stopped.  I just kept running and leaping through the weeds.  I heard something behind me and I thought the snake was after me, but it was LP.  LP was running and leaping through those weeds too.  I got tickled thinking that we must really look like idiots, but I didn’t stop until I was back inside the truck.

It was always like that geocaching; you never knew where you were going to end up, and what you would see on your adventure.  The one caching trip that I will never forget was one called The Mighty Casey.  As I said before, we had to travel quite a distance to find new caches, so that day, we decided to go to Elizabethtown.  Elizabethtown was about 135 miles from our little town, so it took us quite awhile to get there.  We found a few caches and we were having a really good time, and the next one on our list was The Mighty Casey.  LP was giving me directions and we found ourselves in a high school parking lot.  I drove to the end of the parking lot beside the baseball field.  We got out of the truck and headed in the direction that the gps indicated.  We were now behind the baseball field in a wooded area.  The gps said we were still fifty feet away from the cache when LP and I both noticed a very unusual container.  It was a dark blue bag.  We ignored the bag and searched for the “real” container.  After we found the cache, we signed the log and focused our attention on that dark blue bag.

As we walked back to the bag, we were joking and saying, “What if it’s full of money?”  Curiosity was killing us, and we couldn’t wait to see what was in that bag.  LP picked the bag up and unzipped it.   LP’s eyes got big as a quarters and I said, “Is it money?”  Then I saw what was in it.  There was a black crow bar, a hacksaw, and small, round mirror that was attached to a metal rod.  About that time, LP looked at me and said, “I think it’s a bur…”, and before the rest of it came out, I said, “Shhhhhhh!”.  LP said, “I think it’s…”, and I said, “SHHHHHHHH!”  I softly whispered, “What if they’re still here?  Let’s go.”  LP said, “What??”.  I looked at LP with the most serious and stern look I could possible give and whispered in a harsh voice, “What-if- they-are-still-here?  LET’S GO!”  I grabbed LP by the arm and headed toward the truck.  On the way to the truck, LP kept looking back and I kept saying, “Come on; let’s get to the truck.”  Then I had a horrible thought.  What if we got in the truck and it wouldn’t start?  I could see horror movie written all over this day.

We got into the truck and locked the doors, and, thank God, it started.  LP said, “I think it was a burglar’s bag.”  I said, “Yes.  It was a burglar’s bag.  And I was afraid the burglar was still there, watching us, and you touched the hacksaw.  And now your fingerprints are on a hacksaw that could have recently been used to cut off someone’s head.”  We were both freaking out and LP said, “What are we gonna do?”  I told LP we had to find a cop.  Neither one of us knew anything about Elizabethtown, so we had no idea where the police station was located.  We drove around for, it seems like, EVER looking for a cop.  Now, have you ever notice when you don’t need  a cop they are everywhere?  Well, we needed one that day, and could not find one.  Finally, after about 30 minutes of driving around, we spotted a cop.  He was driving in our direction.  We were on a little side street, so I stopped the truck right there in the middle of the street and LP and I were hanging out the truck windows waving our arms and yelling trying to get the cop’s attention.  Finally, he noticed us and drove up beside us and rolled down his window.  LP and I were both talking at once and the cop couldn’t understand a damn thing we were saying.  I looked at LP and said, “Go ahead.  You tell him.”  LP said, “No. You tell him.”  So told him.  I told him the entire story beginning from the minute we left our little town until the time we finally found him.  I have never relayed so much information in such a breif period of time in my entire life.  I was talking so fast, when I got finished, I was out of breath, and the officer was looking at me like I was crazy.

Believe me, I had no intentions of going back to the site, but the cop needed us to take him and show him the bag.  I offered him the gps, but he said he would rather us show him.  So, I did a U-turn in the middle of the road and headed back to the high school.  Anyway, the cop had a gun, so I felt that we at least had a chance of making it out alive.  The whole time we were walking to the location of the bag, the cop was acting like we were crazy and I could tell he didn’t believe us.  We found the bag and he bent over and started going through it.  I was still nervous and hyper so the entire time he was looking through bag I was saying things like, “Have ya’ll had a murder in this area recently?”  “Has anybody report a burglary?” “This could be big evidence and you could get a big promotion.”  “We’ll give you our name and phone number in case there’s a reward.”  He pulled out the crow bar, the hack saw, the mirror, a pair of gloves, ski mask and a flashlight.  LP and I were both really relieved he didn’t pull out any body parts.

We went straight home after that incident.   We went caching several times after that, but I don’t think we have ever went back to Elizabethtown.  The Mighty Casey cache was archived soon after our visit and I really hated the fact that nobody else could find it.  But, when I think about it, nobody else would have experienced what we did that day.  I must admit, The Mighty Casey was my favorite geocache and the most exciting one of all time.


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