Gimme a Break!

I love being outside and I love living in Kentucky.  If I weren’t so afraid of snakes, I honestly believe I could live outside.   To me, nature is so amazing and I cannot understand how anyone could ignore its beauty.  With work, and things to do around the house after work and other responsibilities, many people don’t have the opportunity to enjoy the scenery. For those of you who just need a short break, these pictures are for you.  Enjoy!

Last daisies of the summer.

This gal is gorgeous!

Rose of Sharon flower

Tobacco is being harvested around here.

Annual shed of her crest on this female Cardinal.

This butterfly is enjoying the sweetness of this flower.

This little girl wants me to leave!

Firefly lands in the middle of a bouquet of Lazy Susans.

Goats in the field.

A stream runs through it.

A quickly growing extinct crop…tobacco.

A waterfall in the middle of nowhere.

Now, I just wonder what this horse is trying to tell me!

Beautiful eyes!

Field of dreams.

Pretty in pink.

Bee attack!

Shades of Green.

Fallen pine cone.


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