Sharing the Road

Sharing the Road

Written by CJ


As I was driving through the country one day

I met a stranger along the way.

He waved to me as I passed by

But he never said a word

And I never questioned why.

I wondered about his simplistic life;

I admired his strength and his strife.

How hard his every day must be,

No material or worldly pleasures

Unlike you and me.

His life is not convenient, no, not at all.

If we need clothes, we go to the mall,

If we get hot, we turn on the air.

And the most amazing thing is,

He does not care.

That day I realized you are not like me,

We are all as different as different can be.

At times we need help to carry our load.

And as we travel through life

We should learn to share the road.


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