Anna’s Ticket

I have a good friend named Anna.  Anna and I met while I was working at my previous job.  I worked in the accounting department and Anna worked in sales.  It just so happened that Anna was a beautician too and I started going to Anna’s to get my hair cut every so often.  Anna’s husband’s name is Brad and they have two children.  They have a beautiful house in the country and Anna’s shop is in section of their house.  Anna does a great job cutting my hair, and she is so fast.  Before I started going to Anna’s, I went to another hairdresser named Tommy.  Tommy was good, but he was slow as Christmas.  Even though I had an appointment, I would still have to wait at least thirty minutes before he would start cutting my hair.  It usually took him at least an hour just to trim my hair.  So, you can imagine how happy I was to find someone faster and just as good, if not better than Tommy to cut my hair.

Anyway, since I quit my accounting job, I rarely see Anna except when I get my hair cut.  I called Anna the other day and asked her to “pencil me in” for a trim and she did.  I went to Anna’s yesterday and, just as expected, she was waiting on me and I sat down in the chair, and she started cutting my hair.  As she was cutting my hair we were talking and I remembered that she had gotten a traffic ticket two months ago.  You see, Anna was caught doing 71 in a 55 and the state trooper gave her a ticket.  When Anna was telling me about it two months ago, she said she was trying to get out of paying the ticket and that she thought she would only have to go to traffic school.  Typically, I just pay the fine and be done with it because I never wanted to go to court nor sit in traffic school for four hours.  But, Anna didn’t want points taken off her licenses and didn’t want her insurance to go up, so she preferred traffic school. So, yesterday while I was at her house, I asked Anna, “So, have you been to traffic school yet?”  Anna looked surprised and she looked at me and said, “Girl, you didn’t hear?”  I asked, “Hear what?”  Anna said, “Oh you have got to hear this!”  So Anna’s story went something like this.

Anna had told me that she thought she could get out of paying the ticket and just go to traffic school.  Well, Brad had a friend, Tim, that told Anna to give him the ticket and that he knew someone and he would take care of it.  So, she did.  Anna had a court date set and was a little worried that she would still have to go to court, so she called Tim and asked him if he was sure the ticket had been taken care of.  He assured her that it was and there was nothing else for her to do.  She was happy that she didn’t have to pay the fine nor attend traffic school.  The court date came and went and a few weeks later, she received a telephone call at work.  It was her husband, Brad.  He said, “Anna.  Is there any reason why the cops would be looking for you?”  Anna was a bit shocked and said, “No. Why?”  Brad said, “Well the sheriff was just here looking for you.  He wouldn’t tell me why he wanted to see you; just that he had some papers for you.”  Anna said, “Oh crap!  I bet it’s over that speeding ticket.  Tim said he took care of it.”  After Anna hung up the phone, she kept looking out the window near her desk, just waiting and watching for the sheriff to pull up.  And, sure enough, after about 30 minutes the sheriff parked his vehicle in front of the building and walked into the front lobby and asked to speak with Anna.  Anna knew he had come to give her papers, so she had walked to the lobby before the receptionist had a chance to page her.

The sheriff said, “Anna?”  Anna said, “Yep.  That’d be me.”  He said, “You’re under arrest for contempt of court.  Place your hands behind your back.”, and proceeded to put handcuffs on Anna.  By then, all the people in the front office had found out that Anna was being arrested and a few of them came to the lobby to try to help Anna out.  But it was no use. The sheriff began to frisk Anna and once convinced she wasn’t carrying any weapons, he escorted her to the patrol car and placed her in the back seat.  Since the ticket was issued in another county, the sheriff had to transport Anna to the county line where they would be met by another sheriff from that county.  Anna said it was the most humiliating thing she had ever gone through.  First being arrested at work; being handcuffed in front of her co-workers and then be transferred from one sheriff’s car to another and being frisked by the police on the busiest highway in the area at the busiest time of the day.  She said cars were slowing down and looking at her and trying to figure out what was going on.  As soon as she arrived at the county jail, she did get to make a phone call.  She called Brad and said, “Get your butt up here and get me out before they slap an orange suit on me!”  Brad was there in just a few minutes and posted bail for Anna and took her home.

Another court date was set for Anna and she appeared before the judge.  When the judge asked, “Why did you fail to appear in court on December 19th?”  Anna responded by saying, “Well sir, I had a friend that said he had taken care of it.”  With a smirk the judge leaned forward and said, “So, you had a friend huh?”  The judge could see that Anna was almost in tears, so the judge applied the bail money toward the ticket and let Anna go.

The entire time Anna was telling me about her “run in with the law”, I was cracking up.  I couldn’t imagine going through all of that for a speeding ticket.  Anna went on to tell me that a rumor had surfaced about her arrest and she thought she knew the person who had started the rumor.  It was Brad’s grandmother.  Brad’s grandmother had told one of Anna’s clients that, “Anna went and got one of those DUIs and got put in jail.”  After a few more minutes, Anna had finished cutting my hair, and before I left, I asked Anna what she would do if she got another ticket.  Anna looked dead serious when she replied, “Pay the damn thing!”, and I just died laughing! 😛


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